Nozze & Delizie Wedding Planner Torino- Sposi Giorgia e Stefano
Nozze & Delizie Wedding Planner Torino- Sposi Giorgia e Stefano
Nozze & Delizie Wedding Planner Torino- Sposi Giorgia e Stefano
Nozze & Delizie Wedding Planner Torino- Sposi Giorgia e Stefano
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Wedding Planner & Designer

Nozze & Delizie Wedding Planner Torino-Home2

Wedding Planner & Designer

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Wedding Planner & Designer

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Wedding Planner & Designer


Weddings of Excellence
in the Most Beautiful and Exclusive
Venues in Italy


Are you dreaming of planning your “First Class Wedding” in Italy? As luxury wedding planner, we exclusively take care of Full Service for a select number of couples, who are seeking the best Destination Wedding experience for their Italian Wedding.

We offer an exclusive experience, the most careful and accurate Full service for your Luxury Wedding, caring of every little step: from the Top Italian Wedding Venues proposal, Floral arrangements, Musical entertainment, to the Wedding Day, ensuring to you and to your family a unique and unrepeatable day, thanks to our professionalism and love for every single detail.

We used to work with demanding couples who expect only the best in their experience and journey in Bel Paese.

Our clients dream of professional and experienced Wedding Planners, who know how to listen to you and give life to a unique and unforgettable experience.

Do you Need help defining the budget for your Italian Wedding?

Luxury Weddings in Italy


It seems easy to find the best location for your Italian Wedding, searching between the most well-known and popular locations, but it’s not the best choice for your own Wedding.

Experience, professionalism, competence are essential to plan your special Wedding in beautiful and unique venues, like Tuscany, Maggiore Lake, Como Lake, Sardinia and others; specially if you want to enjoy a breathtaking view with your guests, and you plan to invite many people.

As luxury and classy events skilled professionals, our highest priority is to guarantee one-of-a-kind locations and an organizational exclusive experience like a dress sewn on for our demanding and special couples.

We plan your Luxury Wedding in the most magical Venues of Italy, striving for perfection to realize your dream.

We take care of your guests, they also have a prominent role, therefore we can book the Best Hotel, Plan Food and Wine Tour and trips, to enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience in Italy.

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Our Team

We used to please the most demanding clients who wants to marry in Italy, hence we have a Team made up of experts who have a lot of practice and who love their work!

Plan your own Wedding in another nation is a delicate and important investment, therefore you deserve the highest professionalism, proficiency and knowledge to reach a flawless and excellent result.


Destination Wedding Planner


Wedding Designer


Destination Wedding Planner

Our Portfolio

Our Spouses say about us...

The Perfect Wedding Planners for those who live abroad

Lancio riso sposi Torino

We decided to rely on a wedding planner service because we live far from Italy, but our desire was to get married in Turin, close to our family and friends. Valentina and Carlo pleasantly surprised us for the efficient organization and the quality of the suppliers they rely on, who perfectly knew how to interpret our every desire. After a brief period of discussion on ideas and opinions, the organization and management of the approach to the most important day of our lives has been efficient and punctual. Moreover, everything has been organized in detail with a constant “telematic” assistance via email or Skype, organizing, on our explicit request, only 3 meetings in person over 10 months.  Simply put, if you still have any doubts, know that you will meet people who will make your dream come true, creating an unforgettable day, a reality to be fully lived.

The best choice we could make!

foto sposi

We live in Switzerland and we wanted to celebrate our important day in Piedmont. Valentina and Carlo were the first wedding planners we contacted and we were immediately sure of their professionalism. It was the best choice we could make. With so much patience and work they helped us organize our wedding. We recommend them to all future spouses, even those living outside Italy! That day everything was perfect and we could celebrate without any thought. They had everything under control and everything was well organized! Thank you so much again!

The best Wedding Planners for those who live in another Country

taglio torta con fontane d'artificio 1

If you want to find the best suppliers, remember to stay behind deadlines and find the perfect location for your wedding… Nozze e Delizie is for you! Along the way, Valentina has been able to advise us, respecting our ideas and helping us to realize them. It was precious for us who live in another city but we wanted to get married on Turin, because she managed to schedule appointments according to our needs. It has allowed us to save time and energy in the design phase, and to fully enjoy the most beautiful day of our lives. She coordinated every element while remaining “in the background”, so it was fundamental to realize our dream wedding!

12 Wedding Planners met…Valentina and her team the chosen ones!

Taglio Wedding Cake Alice in Wonderland

Even in retrospect, we confirm that Valentina and Carlo are the perfect choice for anyone looking for professionalism, transparency, speed in feedback, availability, flexibility and precision. They are definitely the best Wedding Planners to accompany you on this wonderful day. Excellent their network of suppliers, where absolute excellences stand out. Endowed with an excellent problem-solving ability, Valentina came to our rescue when we forgot the wedding rings at home, promptly going to pick them up and bringing them to the Church at truly record times. In summary, if you are planning your wedding and do not choose Valentina and Carlo, you are starting off on the wrong foot! Thanks again for everything!

Mindful, accurate and available!

ritratto sposi loano

Valentina and her team are two very kind and helpful people. Be careful to understand immediately the tastes and needs of the bride and groom. They organized our wedding in two months and among other things in Liguria, therefore out of our common residence, interfacing with local suppliers. We recommend Nozze e Delizie to all future couples!

How we can help you? Let’s talk with us fill in the form below. 

Email: wedding@nozzeedelizie.it

Phone: +39. 366. 133. 46. 69 ( also WhatsApp messages ) 

Our choice is to give the maximum for each event, for a limited number of couples per year, in this way we can follow them as best as we can, so it is never too early to contact us, because our availability runs out quickly.

We work on Turin, Liguria, Piedmont, Tuscany, and on request in the rest of Italy


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